Three Tips for Better Landscape Photography


Nature and landscapes are a favorite photography subject. The Earth is beautiful, but it’s not always so easy to capture its beauty. Here are three tips to taking better landscape photographs. All images by Alec Salisbury.

1. Shoot during the golden hour

In photography, the golden hour (often referred to as the magic hour) is the period of time just before and after a sunrise and sunset. The light during this hour is less intense and more directional. Giving your images a more dramatic look. Who doesn’t like sunsets?


2. Get the shot nobody else is willing to get

There are countless photographers out there shooting possibly the exact same subject as you. Try and find a way to shoot it differently. This may mean finding a different angle and thinking out of the box.



3. Avoid Gear Acquisition Syndrome

It’s far too easy to think “If I just had a better camera or lens, my images would come out better. While a better camera or lens may lead to technically superior images, the driving force behind a great image is the creative aspect the photographer brings to the image. The following image was taken with an iPhone 6.


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