Drop in Sessions

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The drop in kid film lab sessions produced really impressive work in really short amounts of time. The drop in sessions provided the opportunity for film lab students and other youth in the community to come into the library on a Saturday and be able to freely use the film lab equipment. Watching families come to the library and be taught how to use the equipment by film lab students was really a really cool experience. It felt like all of the knowledge I was passing onto the students was now able to be passed on to others. The drop in sessions proved that filmmaking although often a long process can be done quickly to produce cool mini pieces and all ideas are worth perusing at least once. The library seemed to be a home away from home for many of the kids who attended the program and especially for those who came to the drop-in sessions. The families and kids would come up with story ideas, draw out storyboards, write out questions, go off and film, come back and edit and a really cool short piece they could be proud of.

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