Who We Are

Who We Are

Bradley Rappa

Bradley Rappa, an Assistant Professor in the Cinema, Photography and Media Arts program at Ithaca College, is an award winning animator, documentarian and experimental filmmaker whose films have screened worldwide. Currently, Bradley produces documentary films that focus primarily on human rights and environmental issues. He studied at Syracuse University and after receiving his M.F.A. in filmmaking, moved to New York City where he worked for over 10 years as a cinematographer.

In 2002 he was hired by the University of Arizona’s College of Public Health, where he developed, implemented and taught a progressive media literacy and production curriculum designed to empower the Native American youth who lived in the greater Tucson area. This transformative opportunity rekindled Bradley’s love for teaching and reinforced his principles that creativity and a passion for discovery are crucial components of producing thought provoking and impactful documentary films.

His most recent work tackles the critically important issues of global consumer culture, industrialization, and the challenges we all face as we try to live locally, sustainably, and in harmony, within our communities and our natural environment. Bradley lives in Ithaca, New York with his wife and two sons.

Michelle Russell

Michelle is a senior Documentary Studies student with a Communications minor. She hopes to pursue a career in producing non-fiction projects after graduation and is excited to explore the world of documentary outside of Ithaca. Michelle is currently working on two documentary projects, her senior thesis about World War Two B17 pilot Jack Bertram, and “2000 Meters Out”, a project following IC student-athlete Emily Morley’s journey to the 2016 Rio Olympics. More information about “2000 Meters Out” can be found at the film’s facebook page by the same name.

Rebecca Veninsky

Hi, my name is Rebecca Veninsky! I am a junior at Ithaca College double majoring in Environmental Studies and Documentary Film Studies and Production. I am also a member of the Varsity Women’s Crew Team.

I am currently in the process of producing and directing a documentary entitled, “2000 Meters Out,” following one of my teammates, Emily Morley, an international student from the Bahamas, quest to compete in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro in the women’s single. Emily will be the first Bahamian, to compete at the elite international level in crew. To stay up-to-date on the production, follow @2000moutdoc on Twitter and like our Facebook page “2000 Meters Out.”

I am currently working with the Edith B. Ford Memorial Library Kid Film Lab in Ovid, NY which is providing me the opportunity to engage with youth in the community in media literacy and the process of filmmaking with real professional equipment. I am responsible for designing and orchestrating lesson plans, setting up equipment, and working with the film students to design, shoot, and edit their projects. Through this program 8 to 10-year-olds are learning to develop and edit storylines and work together to produce short films sponsored by the Curiosity Creates Grant through the ALSC and ALA. To learn more about the Kid Film Lab check out the Edith B. Ford Memorial Website http://ovidlibrary.org/ and like their Facebook page “Edith B. Memorial Library, Ovid.”

Ben Liguori

I am a Documentary Studies student from Chicago with the goal of directing my own films and eventually starting my own production company. I enjoy all aspects of film production, especially shooting and editing. I am currently making a documentary about how sea urchins evolve in response to climate change. The film focuses on a group of lab technicians at the University of Vermont and the results of their experiments. youtube.com/c/benliguori1

Sarah Logsdon

I'm a junior Cinema & Photography major and Communication Management and Design minor at Ithaca College. She is originally from Evansville, IN (the heart of the Midwest). She, by day, works as a Student Leadership Consultant at the Office of Student Engagement and Multicultural Affairs where she gets to spend her time delving into the passion of student leadership, and by night, a freelance graphic designer. Sarah is currently working on a short infographic animation video on the subject of the effects of defunding Planned Parenthood, as well as developing static infographics on the subject of the 2016 Election. If you find anything in this biography interesting, connect with her on LinkedIn: http://linkedin.com/in/slogsdo1.

Brenna Williams

Brenna is from Massachusetts and is a sophomore Film, Photography, and Visual Arts Major at Ithaca College. She participates in a variety of on campus clubs, play club lacrosse, and was part of the first team to put together the Pan Asian American Film Festival. She is currently working on a documentary about international adoption and the emotional experience that comes along with being adopted. This is personal story for her because she was adopted from China as a baby and as she progress through this story she am learning new things about adoption and herself. Her team and her are exploring the complexity of adoption and being to light the sides that aren’t often told.

Brenna Dowd

Brenna is a junior cinema and photography major with a physics minor from Holbrook, New York. She has worked primarily on short fiction films as a variety of positions such as director, director of photography and producer. Currently Brenna is working on a documentary about the issue of gang and gun violence in Brooklyn, focusing on a non-profit organization G.-M.A.C.C. She’s also working on a short documentary with Ms. Jackie’s class in GIAC about double dutch and step, two activities that the students in the class are very passionate about.