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What We Do

Ithaca College students act as instructors and mentors for local elementary school students through teaching the key components for creating short documentary films.17c2ad_c725eaa3c07f4ef3aa8983fe035fdbb4 Using the skills they have learned in class, the IC students will guide younger elementary and middle school students through the process of developing ideas, interviewing subjects, documenting events, and structuring a film after all the footage has been captured.

17c2ad_be542d01c5c5411ea98ebe207e8ef226This process emphasizes personal reflection and critical thinking which encourages students to explore their community as they learn to nurture curiosity, ask meaningful yet respectful questions and to explore how to compose shots and properly record sound as they use the camera and audio equipment. The IC students will also help their mentees to honestly critique their own work and make informed structural and editing decisions.